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DIY Collapsible Gong Stand Kit

DIY Collapsible Gong Stand Kit

Save some money on materials and shipping by making part of this stand yourself.  All you will need is a trip to the hardware store to scoop up:

2 - 10” lengths of 1” EMT Conduit 

1 - 2” x 4” x 8’


Setup and breakdown procedures are quick and easy.  You can set this stand up in a few minutes or less. 


The kit comes with everything you need for the stand and hanging a gong except the conduit and 2 x 4 material.  Simply cut the conduit lengths in half and drill a hole in each. You can leave the 2 x 4 a full 8 feet or cut it to your desired length.  Now you are ready to go!


Kit contains:

2 -  2 x 4 brackets made from 1/4" AR500

4 - Safety Pins

2 - Gong Hooks made from 1/4" AR500

2 - 13” lengths of chain

2 - Grade 8 bolts

6 - Nuts

4 - Washers


Setup procedure:

Insert a 2 x 4 Bracket into the end of a conduit leg that has a hole in it.

Line the hole in the bracket up with the hole in the leg.

Insert a safety pin and latch it closed.

Repeat with the other legs.

Slide both of the Gong Hooks onto the 2 x 4.

Now Slide a 2 x 4 bracket and leg assembly on each end of the 2 x 4.

Gently adjust the legs so they angle away from each other and the system sits as pictured.


Gong hanging procedure:

Hook the chain to the gong hooks by sliding a link over the open end of the hook.

Insert a bolt into your gong and fasten it with a nut.

Now thread on another nut most of the way down the bolt (refer to the picture above).

Slide on a washer then insert in the chain.

Slide on another washer and finish it off with a nut.

Be sure to tighten the bolts up. For more permanent attachments we recommend using threadlocker.


All products will ship within 2-3 days of receiving order.