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Gong Hanger Hooks

Gong Hanger Hooks

Slide a set of these over a wooden 2 x 4 and you will be ready to hang your favorite target(s)!   Made from ¼” AR500, these hooks will stand up to an accidental hit from your friends or family (who of course are less accurate than you 😉).  Using a piece of metal conduit as a hanging rail? Check out our Gong Hooks made specially for use on that!


Like all of our targets this is cut on our laser. Laser cutting vs Plasma cutting greatly reduces the HAZ (heat affected zone) and allows the AR plate to retain its hardness.  Don’t fall victim to cheaply made and poor quality plasma cut steel targets, instead invest in top quality targets from us here at Mayhem Metalz! Be sure to follow the target recommendation guide when deciding which target thickness is right for you.  A safety guidelines document will come with each order, please shoot safely!


All products will ship within 2-3 days of receiving order.