Prairie Dog Popper

Prairie Dog Popper

Not your average Prairie Dog Popper.  Let’s face it, you need this one! Enough said.  This Silhouette Series Popper is fun to shoot at and keeps you from walking down range to set it back up, which is especially nice for those of you out there that have long distance ranges.  Set up is easy with an incorporated foot press plate to help you get it into the ground. Need a little extra umph? Feel free to use your favorite sledge to pound the stake into firmer ground.  When the shooting is finished this target removes easily by rocking side to side a few times while pulling upward.


In case you are wondering ... Yes it is possible to blow that middle finger off!  We know, because it has already been done, and yep it's fun to be the one who amputates it ... BUT you only get one round of laughs out of that!  We recommend head or center of mass shots so you get laughs every day you see that little provoking varmint down range!  


Dimensions: 11.5" x 16" | 3" thick




Like all of our targets this one is cut on our laser. Laser cutting vs Plasma cutting greatly reduces the HAZ (heat affected zone) and allows the AR plate to retain its hardness.  Don’t fall victim to cheaply made and poor quality plasma cut steel targets, instead invest in top quality targets from us here at Mayhem Metalz! Be sure to follow the target recommendation guide when deciding which target thickness is right for you.  A safety guidelines document will come with each order, please shoot safely!


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