You're My Lobster

You're My Lobster

“The One For Valentine’s Day.”  Any fan of the TV show Friends knows that lobsters fall in love and mate for life … at least according to Phoebe.  Show your love all year long, GUARANTEED not to wilt and die like other popular smoochy-smoochy day gifts! This sign hangs easily just about anywhere with a few brad nails. 


Product Specs:

  • Approximately 14" x 14" 
  • Made from 16 gauge steel
  • A weather resistant and durable powder coated finish means this item can be hung inside or outside

  • Available in your choice of Gloss Red or Soft White Texture

  • Ordering is easy!  Simply choose the finish that you want and you are good to go!

  • Ships within 2-3 days of order